Rock hounding in Oregon РCollecting Sites & Material.


Central Oregon

Ashwood – Petrified Wood, Agate, Thundereggs, Jasper

China Hollow Picture Rock – Agate & Dendrite Jasper

Paulina – Limb Casts, Petrified Wood

Hampton Butte – Petrified Wood

Maury Mountain – Moss Agate

Richardson’s Rock Ranch¬†– Thundereggs, Agate

Glass Buttes – Obsidian

Hines – Oolitic Agate, Fossils

Fossil – Fossils

The Coast

North Beaches – Agates, Fossils

Central Beaches – Agates, Fossils

South Beaches – Agates, Jasper, Petrified Wood

Willamette Valley

Old Marker Ranch (formerly Holleywood Ranch) – Petrified Wood (by appointment only)

Willamette River and other creeks – Jasper, Agate, Petrified Wood

Calapooia River – Thundereggs, Crystals, Agates

Eastern Oregon

Plush – Sunstones

Graveyard Point – Plume Agate

Owyhee – Picture Jasper, Thundereggs

Succor Creek – Picture Jasper, Thundereggs, Fossils

McDermitt – Petrified Wood, Thundereggs

Virgin Valley – Opal